Saturday, June 5, 2010

want to win?

hello everyone :D

it has been a while. I apologise to those who have been constantly visiting.

I'm here to update with some very exciting news :D

First of all, pptlasagna is obviously still around :D alhamdulillah. However, orders for this month of June are only limited to the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). The two-day notification period is still very much intact though ;) (to guarantee that all the flavours seep into your lasagna orders of course).

On the other hand, I'm conducting a lucky draw :D I notice the pptlasagna page on Facebook has been majorly slow in getting likes (so un-likable? :( please prove me wrong!) so this brings us to the lucky draw part.

To those who likes PPTLASAGNA, by that I mean, fans ranging from 560 up to 570 will be made eligible to enter this lucky draw! There will only be ONE winner and the lucky individual will win a prize from pleasepassthelasagna's kitchen :D (edible of course, I doubt any one of you would like to win a gegawi :p hehe) I will tally up the names and a random process will be done once the fans reach 570!

This will run up till the time the facebook page manages to get up to 570 fans :D start liking the page! If this goes well, I'll conduct this again with all existing and new fans. :D

p.s: my lasagna line isn't working :( for any inquiries & orders, please contact me via e-mail at

good luck :D

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