Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Negaraku Brunei Darussalam! 26th National Day

Morning everyone!

I've finally gotten some time to blog in the morning :D it is a public holiday afterall hehe. A special public holiday it marks 26 years of Brunei Darussalam's independence =) that's like two decades and a half pus one! well, simply said, almost three decades since Brunei has achieved her independence.

I'm also here to inform all lasagna lovers of a special treat :D the 24-hour notification period is back! If you have any orders from the 27th of February up to 6th March then your orders fall under the 24-hour promo :D If I'm not mistaken, the Maulud is during that weekend as well =)

As before, under the 24-hour-notification period you can make your orders 24 hours prior to the date required! Do keep in mind all that all the other 'how to order' still counts such as being available in Brunei District and the minimum order. Wait, CLICK HERE lah bisai hehe

Text me at my phone or e-mail me ;) I'll be there. Though I can't guarantee that I'll always answer calls :(

Happy Independence everyone :D
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