Sunday, October 25, 2009

Visual reminders

Beef lasagna :D obviously not the one priced at $25, this would be a smaller portion of it ;) has more layers in the $25 one, if I'm not mistaken. I can't seem to count the layers in this photo haha sorry about that. anyone care to count? :D

Macaroni and cheese :D I like the contrast in its texture. You get crispy on top (thanks to the breadcrumbs) and soft on the bottom (thanks to the cheese!).

Now, this is what the $3 lasagna would look like. Both the beef and veggie :D Not the same 'waves' up there though.

I'm no good at taking photos. The proof would be up there. But it'll have to do hee. Have a good Sunday everyone :D

CLICK HERE for the menu
CLICK HERE on how to make your orders

Saturday, October 24, 2009

3 weeks already?!

Hello all :D

wow. I haven't updated the blog for almost a month, neglected more like it. Uni's been tiring, going home late, thinking about my pending assignments, the weather.. have any of you noticed the weather? PANAS! I feel that my skin giving up on me. haha nvm that. Onto lasagna matters :D

Sadly, the month of Syawal has ended so that ends the potato salad promotion. I'm still taking orders for the foodstuff though my exams are coming up (eep!) and just to let you all know, I will not be taking orders during my exams. Sighs. On a brighter note, I'm looking forward to what the minds at FaiKuat have in store for the video that they intend to make for me :D (though it may take a while). This is all for now, I should update soon I believe.

'till here. enjoy your weekend!

for the food menu
CLICK HERE on how to make your orders

ps: to the person who tagged my cbox about 'lasagna sandwich', I have a wild hunch as to who you are ahaha
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