Friday, January 1, 1999


So here's a FAQ (frequently asked questions) for all of you. I'll update it over time once new questions come about. For now, these are the questions I usually get asked:

Why does it take THREE DAYS to get your lasagna? Why not the same day?

: As much as I'd love to make the lasagnas on the day you make your order, sadly enough, I'm unable to. I need the days to check the availability of my ingredients, make sure there are no clashes in time between orders and that the (beef) sauce gets enough time to cook itself. I cook the (beef) sauce overnight ;) so I definitely need the time.

So the food I eat is basically a day old?

: No. haha funny. The (beef) sauce is left to cook overnight in a slow cooker and the food is assembled the day the order is required. You are most likely to receive your orders warm.

Why don't you offer delivery services to your customers?

: I'm terrible with directions, even when complete addresses are given to me. I don't want to risk anything.

What's in the lasagna? How about the ingredients? I want to know your secret.

:Well, there's beef, tomato puree and some spices. Lasagna sheets obviously. All ingredients are halal. There's no secret to this recipe haha believe me, there isn't.
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